Headline on Slate.com (owned by the Washington Post Corporation), December 14, 2011:

6 responses to “Uh-oh.

  1. Calm down!

    This article, written by a Brit expat, is explicitly concerned with “foreign” (British and Commonwealth) TV shows on Hulu. The use of “telly” in the headline is clearly self-conscious here. It doesn’t mean that the word is invading America.

  2. Last night I saw a little worm, wriggling on his belly.
    I asked him if he’d come inside and see what’s on the telly.

    -Spike Milligan.

  3. Reputedly, the Welsh for ‘television’ is ‘teleweli’.

  4. I’ve been listening to a lot of Prince over the past few days and remembered how much I’m bothered by his use of the word Telly in Sign O the Times.

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