6 thoughts on “First Cheeky Nando’s…

  1. I have found Ben’s trail of crumbs and deduced from the road markings in the background that the sign is in the UK.
    Whether one is enjoying a cheeky Nando’s, a cheeky prosecco or a cheeky chipotle chicken, I think the cheek should be decided by and appended by the consumer. It is not for an establishment to assume the attitude (i.e. feeling mildly guilty about the calories, expense or both) with which the indulgence is to be consumed. I think the naming of this meal by the Eat chain is presumptuous bandwagon-jumping and a bit cheeky.

    1. From the quality of the paving slabs (stone and not concrete) and the fact that there is cement grouting between the slabs, I can deduce that this branch of Eat is located in the City of London.

      1. From the shadows cast by the pedestrians I can deduce that this picture was taken at 2.37 p.m.

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