5 thoughts on ““Fully,” again

  1. If the word “like” wasn’t there I would have said that was written by someone British. The “like” screams North America. I suppose this is a stupid comment of mine……

  2. Well, I don’t think that’s a stupid comment, but Taylor Swift IS American – she’s a pop singer. However, I must say that I hear the word ‘like’ scattered around all over the speech of young British people as well, copied from US ‘Valley Speak’, as epitomised in teen movies such as Clueless.

  3. That’s kind of you to say it’s not stupid. What I meant when saying stupid was that the focus was the word “fully,” I changed it to “like.”
    Out of interest the term “valley-speak” may be misleading inasmuch as I had a girlfriend in Ontario (Canada) in the early 70s who used the word “like” all the time……it was extremely unusual to use the word as she did in Britain at that time. I also think many people today would be unable to say if the writer in this example was North American or British….when once it would have been obvious. So a Bi lateral crossover?

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