Pretty funny

One of my Facebook friends posted this, or should I say one of me Facebook mates. Click the graphic to see the whole thing.

Puts me in mind that I’ve noticed my (college-age) children facetiously using me=my. Possibly they are taking it from Popeye rather than working-class Britain. In any event it is now officially on the radar.

4 thoughts on “Pretty funny

  1. That is some of the most garbled slang I’ve ever seen! Hilarious, thanks.

    “Some Tory tosser buggered me in the queue”? Aye, we’ve all been there.

  2. I don’t think anyone has used “bobby” naturally to mean a modern policeman in at least 40 years – it’s only ever used now in misinforming Americans that we call police that. It is sometimes used to refer to policemen of yesteryear, e.g. “We used to have bobbies on the beat when I was a lad.”

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