“Reckon,” Again

There’s been a lot going on in these parts, so you’ll have to forgive me in being late in passing along some correspondence. Shortly after I posted on “reckon,” Wes Davis, a longtime friend of this blog, sent along an article from the Atlantic and commented, “David Frum [the author] helpfully underlined the NOOB for you!” The relevant paragraph:

Of course, the underline wasn’t for emphasis but to indicate a link. If you want to follow it, click here.

9 thoughts on ““Reckon,” Again

  1.  Yeah, but Frum gets to … because he’s Canadian. In Canada people say “orientate,” put a “u” in color and labor and harbor, call powdered sugar “icing sugar” and use umpteen other British locutions.


  2. I always thought the most formal use of the verb ‘to reckon’ is ‘to count’ or ‘to calculate’. The example here seems to be using it in that sense.

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