Off to OZ

As the end of the year approaches, it’s a good time to thank readers, commentators, and tipsters for another good one. Statistically speaking, 197,444 people visited the blog in 2015, leaving 768 comments. Counting this one, I filed 52 posts–an even one a week. The most-viewed posts were the usual golden oldies: number one was European Date Format, followed by “Mewling quim,” “xx,” “ta-ta,” and “easy peasy.”

Right after the New Year, I am off to Melbourne for a month, where I will be teaching a group of University of Delaware students, soaking up the sunshine, and–not last–on the lookout for not one-off Australianisms.

I’ll be reporting in this space on what I find. Until then, have the merriest of happies.

6 thoughts on “Off to OZ

  1. Ooh I say! as Dan Maskell used to say. Melbourne in January, just in time for the Australian Open. Good on you, mate!

  2. Beware Australian folk etymologists that will tell you that their version of English is unique. Many of the words that have such claims attributed can be traced back to archaic British English.

  3. I hope you’re having / had a wonderful time in Melbs! As a Brit abroad I’ll be really interested to see what you some across from my Aussie buddies, I’ll follow to keep an eye out for that post here!

  4. Good luck with the
    ‘mexicans’ (that’s what we call those people south of the border). The weather reports for Melbourne have predicted very hot days and thunder storms. I agree with Pommie Pete tho, some of our sayings are leftovers from our early english migrants. However we do have a few of our own so keep your ears tuned in, especially at pubs!

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