Lena Dunham fully is committed to “fully”

Not long ago, I quoted Lena Dunham’s use of the (originally) Australian “fully” as a more all-purpose emphasizer than Americans’ use of the word. Now here she is again in yesterday’s New York Times, talking about when, as a teenager, a therapist asked her to picture a soothing location:

“I fully just imagined Eloise’s home at the Plaza.”

(Heloise Eloise was the heroine of a series of picture books who, indeed, lived at the Plaza Hotel.)

Seems like Dunham is on a one-woman crusade to get this word some traction.

2 thoughts on “Lena Dunham fully is committed to “fully”

  1. Speaking of emphasizers, have you noticed that writers hoping to grab our attention on the web seem to need lots more and new ones, especially superlatives? I, for one, skip any article with “shocking” or “surprising” in the title.

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