5 thoughts on “A thought for the day

    1. “Thought for the day” is a reference to the feature on Radio Four’s Today programme, in my opinion. So this headline reads as more general. Hope we can trust Nate Silver – I can hardly bear to get through the day and it’s killing me not to be able to vote!

  1. Yay, Judith! As for ‘Thought’ content, my faith is in Nate. So I’m going to bed early and looking forward to tomorrow’s headline.

  2. Lots of things take the “Thought for the Day” construction, me thinking of church services “Lesson for the Day” as one example. Or is it “Lesson of the Day”???? But totally d’accord – don’t devalue the import with a wimpy “a”!!

  3. I’ll offer “Dish of the Day,” If you’re going to preface it with an article it’s the superflous and singular “The”. There is only one Thought , only one Dish. And “Pick of the Week” “Goal of the Month” “Sports Personality of the Year”

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