6 thoughts on “The honour! The honour!

  1. This word is pronounced “on-oor.” Tricky, because it looks as though it should be “on-our,” as in “on our honor.” But no. It rhymes with mon-soor, which is French for “our septic system.”

  2. I’ve never heard AmE and BrE speakers pronounce ‘honour’ and ‘honor’ differently; if people pronounce their ‘h’ differently they still say the two words the same way. Assuming the screen grab is from the US, it looks like an attempt to sound ‘posh’. Not sure what the AmE equivalent is for ‘posh’ is but it’s probably very WASP and country club. Perhaps another NOOB.

  3. My reaction was similar to mwra’s. If it was American, I thought it must be for private (in the U.S. sense) college preparatory schools. So I checked, and found instead that it’s for American universities, many state-founded and/or -supported. .

  4. I often do the same thing, Steve. It’s a case of giving your audience too much credit for a sense of humor (humour) and/or not telegraphing your intent. When I’m feeling testy, I often preface such remarks with: “Now,this is a joke.”

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