“Shag” it is

A couple of days ago, I asked you to vote on a new NOOB most likely to succeed, from the suggestions offered by BBC listeners.

The results are in, and all I can say is, you’re a predictable lot. Shag won in a veritable landslide, followed by flat; row and gap year tied for third. I will consider all of them in due course, though I have to say I’m highly skeptical that I will find much evidence on these shores of row, either as a noun or verb meaning argue/ment.

I actually forgot to include twit in the poll, so I’ll look at that one as well.
Many thanks for voting–all the Yanks out there, make sure you do the same on the first Tuesday in November.

8 responses to ““Shag” it is

  1. As in shag carpet?

  2. I thought Americans were very much against smoking. So why would they start using a very European kind of tobacco?

  3. “As in shag carpet?”

    No, it’s impossible to get the stains out.

  4. David Armstrong

    To most British, Irish and Commonwealth ears it really sounds really coarse when used in a sexual context. This is why “The Spy Who Shagged Me” couldn’t be advertised in India. Please don’t adopt it, even as a joke. You have the more descriptive and less feral “screw”. Mike Myers will do anything for a laugh. “Twit” would have won hands down.

  5. What about “twat”? Is that a NOOB?

  6. FWIW — when I was an undergrad at an Ivy league school in the early 1970s we talked about gap years. So that.

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