9 thoughts on “Speaking of “skint”

  1. This pronunciation was prevalent in my German grandmother’s lexicon, as well as in some of her children’s. (Western Pennsylvania)

  2. I think it’s spelt “boracic” – from the Cockney rhyming slang “boracic lint”. Borax is the base ingredient. How about “potless”?

    1. “Boracic” might be the correct spelling when referring to lint &c, but I am pretty confident that most natural users of the slang term would use the spelling “brassic”. The danger of confusion with members of the genus “brassica” seems small.

      1. Potless.
        Potless has a very old derivation, if I understand correctly. Urine used to be used in the tanning of leather, and in days of old, the very poor would take their chamber pot, and its contents, to the local tanner in exchange for a penny or two. Those who were so poor as to not even own a chamber pot, were said to “not have a pot to piss in”. Hence “potless”.
        The expression is still used, “he doesn’t have a pot to piss in”, or “brassic” (boracic lint, – skint).

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