Speaking of “skint”

Skint didn’t get much love in the NOOB readers’ poll, but legendary Baltimore Sun copyeditor (aka subeditor) John McIntyre is a fan:

8 responses to “Speaking of “skint”

  1. This pronunciation was prevalent in my German grandmother’s lexicon, as well as in some of her children’s. (Western Pennsylvania)

  2. Interesting.

  3. Can we look forward to Americans adopting “brassic” I wonder.

  4. David Armstrong

    I think it’s spelt “boracic” – from the Cockney rhyming slang “boracic lint”. Borax is the base ingredient. How about “potless”?

    • “Boracic” might be the correct spelling when referring to lint &c, but I am pretty confident that most natural users of the slang term would use the spelling “brassic”. The danger of confusion with members of the genus “brassica” seems small.

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