“Good on You” (not “Ya”)

The American clothing chain Men’s Wearhouse has a new ad campaign. You don’t have to watch the whole thing; the relevant bit comes in the last three seconds.

I’ve covered the expression “Good on (someone, usually “you”) a couple of times, and I’m slightly embarrassed to see that the second time I did it, I had forgotten the first time. Anyhoo, the Men’s Wearhouse spot is consistent with usual American–as opposed to the original Australian–pronunciation. That is, the announcer says. “Good on you,” as opposed to the Australian “Good on ya.” Of course, with the attempted pun (Men’s Wearhouse clothes supposedly look good on its customers), he would have to.


3 thoughts on ““Good on You” (not “Ya”)

  1. Completely O/T but another thing I’ve noticed is a LOT of US YouTubers, especially crime or horror/scary storytellers or gamers/video/music reviewers, are now adopting ‘Without further ado…’ to move on from an intro into the main body of what they want to say or show.

    1. Sorry, strike the ‘is many’ out of that sentence, it got edited out and then somehow jumped back in. Anyway, without further ado… 😉

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