6 thoughts on ““Dodgy” is ensconced…

  1. No problem! In Canada we know “dodgy” as a word used to describe actions of our government. For an example of dodgy behaviour try Julian Fantino.

    1. And in reading of Mr. Fantino’s troubles on the CBC website, I came across the following: “Auditor general Michael Ferguson tore a strip off the government for making soldiers with post-traumatic stress wait up to eight months to find out if they’re eligible for treatment.” Thanks, gilda – I’ve lived near Canada all my life, but that’s my first encounter with that vivid expression.

  2. I saw a TV interview of US military commanders during the 2nd Gulf war. They were asked whether they had a any difficulty with Brit slang ( possibly a reference to “sticky” in the Korean War which was misunderstood by a US commander who didn’t appreciate the understatement..it is said!….and so no support was sent to a British battalion which was almost eliminated.)
    One of the Americans said No.. Then corrected himself and said there was a new word though which he really liked!…”Dodgy”
    On that basis alone and not even bothering to look further I would say this has to be a NOOB

    1. Their biggest hit had the chorus:

      ‘If it’s good enough for you,
      It’s good enough for me.’

      Which is a good definition of a NOOB.

      It’s a Dodgy connection! 🙂 (I’ll get my coat…)

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