Please Weigh In

In connection with You Need to Read This (my new e-book, described yesterday), I’ve put together a survey that attempts to gauge how people’s feelings about changes in English usage correspond with their age. It’s mainly geared to Americans, but I’d be interested in the responses of English speakers from all around.

So please take the survey. You might find it very a lot of fun. Just follow this link.

[Note: The original version of this post contained an embedded version of the poll. As the comments below indicate, it didn’t really work. My apologies.]

7 thoughts on “Please Weigh In

  1. For Q.4 in the survey, only the 2 left columns of response choices appear, though I see that there is obviously a third column, and there might be more columns to the right of that that, but they’re cut off by your extensive and crowded right-hand sidebar.

  2. That’s right – everything other than the two left-hand columns of alternative answers is obscured. I’d love to take the survey, Ben, but you need to sort out this layout glitch first…

  3. me again…and not actually related to the topic.
    I would love to know how you feel about the gender neutral pronouns coming into vogue: xe, xem, xyr, as replacements for they,them, their. Are these currently acceptable in professional writing?

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