4 thoughts on “The Culinary “Do,” cont.

  1. In her early memoirs (esp. Locked Rooms and Open Doors), Anne Lindbergh makes numerous references to “doing the baby.” From the context, she seems to mean get the baby up (first thing in the morning), dressed, and ready to be fed. She also implies that this is a bit of an accomplishment.

  2. I think “do” is being used more generally. “I don’t do windows.” “I don’t do beards.” “Sure, I do short reviews too.” “I do meat.” “I don’t do miniskirts.” I’m not much of a linguist so I’m not even sure how I would describe it–maybe “do” can stand in for nearly any verb, in this idiom where one is identifying what one will and will not allow to be the subject of the verb (?). I guess the question would be, is there any verb that could fit into the sense of this idiom, yet which one could not replace with “do?”

  3. I don’t see how this is a new thing for the US at all. Kentucky Fried Chicken had ‘We Do Chicken Right” as their advertising slogan for a few years way back in the 1980s (if I recall correctly).

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