Seen on the newsstand

Not really. This was the payoff of a Conan O’Brien bit where he lamented the demise of Newsweek and showed some magazines that have weirdly outlasted it, including “Pond Hoppin” (a cover lines notes that the periodical is “Brought to you by BASSIN’ and Crappie World”) and “Where to Retire.” He then brought in some fake mags, including the above compendium of ginger news. The fingers in the photo are Conan’s.

2 thoughts on “Seen on the newsstand

  1. Conan recently hosted Karen Gillan as a guest on his show, and their conversation addressed the British use of “ginger.” I assume this gag came out of her appearance.

  2. I have noticed, in all the coverage of “Sandy” this week, that almost all of the news anchors are saying CariBEEan instead of the erstwhile American CaRIB-ean.

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