Attention is paid

What was that all about? The classic snail joke has often come to mind since a couple of weeks ago, when Cordelia Hebblethwaite’s BBC article featured NOOBs and drive something over 100,000 visitors to this site.  The Guardian, The Daily Mail and The Sun all weighed in. Then yesterday, the New York Times published Alex Williams’s very funny article “Americans Are Barmy Over Britishisms.” (Best line: “Have we all become Madonna?”) As I write, the piece is the number-one most e-mailed article over at the Times’ website; it has spurred coverage in the Atlantic Wire and, bringing things full circle, an upcoming interview with your truly by the BBC’s World Service.

As Wolcott Gibbs wrote in a very different context, “Where it all will end, knows God!”

One thought on “Attention is paid

  1. I’m a Brit living in the UK working for an American company for the past 10 years … they still don’t understand me or my vocabulary. This site is fab and I’m going to share it with all my colleagues in the hope of narrowing the gap :))

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