Even Newer Horizons in “Bits”

In yesterday’s New York Times, Dwight Garner reviews a book that argues that gay people are “pretty much like straight people, that is, except for what they do with their dangly bits.”


7 thoughts on “Even Newer Horizons in “Bits”

  1. We ere talking about ‘pants’ recently …
    A line from a Reuters report today re trial in China :
    “State television showed Gu, wearing a dark pant suit and a white shirt,”

    What’s a pant suit?

  2. Using the term ‘Pants’ for trousers or slacks tends to make me giggle like a silly schoolgirl. In England pants are underwear, so when I hear a US friend talking about losing their pants, getting their pants wet etc. I can’t help but snigger.

  3. I’m with you on that one, Molly. A friend in the US recently said to me, “make sure you wear your party pants – I’ve got a big night planned.” Suffice to say, that set my mind racing as to what kind of night she had planned for me in my special underwear…

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