Noun. Cooking, damn it. “…foods that seem to lend themselves most naturally to no-salt cookery are tomatoes, onions, mushrooms and eggplants.” (Craig Claiborne, New York Times, February 18 1981)/”…the volume is bolstered by essays on the role of African Americans in the evolution of American cookery …” (USA Today, February 15, 2011) Google Ngram.

6 thoughts on ““Cookery”

  1. “Cookery” isn’t a straight synonym of “cooking”. In Britain, one would refer to a “cookery book” of recipes but never a “cooking book”.

    Similarly, I don’t think any Brits would refer to “American cookery” either — it would be “cooking” or “cuisine”.

  2. Is “cookery” just the old-fashioned word? I would agree with the above comments about its everyday usage. “Cookery book” is a phrase in its own right and perhaps therefore not subject to the change.

    1. We would say “cookery book”. You could say “cookbook” but it’s more prosaic. “cooking book” sounds like someones left it in the oven….

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