Even Newer Horizons in “Bits”

In yesterday’s New York Times, Dwight Garner reviews a book that argues that gay people are “pretty much like straight people, that is, except for what they do with their dangly bits.”


7 responses to “Even Newer Horizons in “Bits”

  1. We ere talking about ‘pants’ recently …
    A line from a Reuters report today re trial in China :
    “State television showed Gu, wearing a dark pant suit and a white shirt,”

    What’s a pant suit?

  2. Generally “Pant suit” refers to women’s business attire that, rather than having a skirt, has pants (trousers).

  3. A pant suit women’s suit with trousers rather than a skirt.

  4. The much more common form is “pants suit.” Google Fight gives 4.15 million hits, compared to 800,000 for “pant suit.”

  5. Using the term ‘Pants’ for trousers or slacks tends to make me giggle like a silly schoolgirl. In England pants are underwear, so when I hear a US friend talking about losing their pants, getting their pants wet etc. I can’t help but snigger.

  6. I’m with you on that one, Molly. A friend in the US recently said to me, “make sure you wear your party pants – I’ve got a big night planned.” Suffice to say, that set my mind racing as to what kind of night she had planned for me in my special underwear…

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